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Results may vary among individuals

Hair Issues!!
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Imagine leaving home without looking your absolute best, with perfectly styled, gorgeous hair. It’s a non-negotiable right?

Styling products such as serums, waxes, gels 
and hair sprays are just some of the things that it takes to look your best everyday. But a dry scalp, damaged and brittle hair, scalp irritation, premature hair loss, and thinning hair (which then often leads to early grey hair), are common hair problems affecting most of us on a daily basis because of using such products.

What causes Scalp Irritation?

Let’s get one thing straight - a healthy scalp is critical for healthy hair.

While using styling products is inevitable for those luscious and shiny locks, it’s their prolonged (overuse) use and heat styling that causes product build-up and a dry scalp. A damaged scalp results in scalp irritation, which then shows up as dandruff (that horrid ‘snowfall’ you can see on your shoulders or as flakes on your scalp). Any styling process that causes scalp irritation will trigger dandruff, so being gentle on the scalp is vital. Furthermore, using the wrong hair products on a sensitive scalp will cause more scalp irritation, further aggravating the condition.

Yes, it’s the perfect catch-22 situation.

Common scalp-restoring medicinal products promise a quick-fix solution to control the irritation, but they usually cause more damage to the scalp ecosystem instead, as they work by killing both the good local fungi, yeast and bacteria on the scalp, as well as the bad yeast and bacteria. While good quality anti-dandruff shampoos will eliminate dandruff issues temporarily, the dandruff usually always returns eventually, as anti-dandruff shampoos are formulated to kill Malassezia (the dandruff flakes-causing yeast), and, the shampoo only works for as long as the yeast hasn’t adapted to it and then the flaking starts again.

The root of hair issues start with an unhealthy scalp microbiome

What is a microbiome? Good question. Microbiome is the name given to the microbiota (microorganisms such as good bacteria, fungi and yeasts) that live in or on the human body. The scalp has its own microbiota, which is essentially the scalp’s first line of defence, and maintaining the right balance of yeast and bacteria is important for preventing inflammatory conditions like eczema on the scalp.

In addition to the harsh chemicals found in hair products (including hair dyes and perming products), aggressors such as stress, UV light, air pollution and heat styling also cause a disturbed and imbalanced scalp microbiota. This imbalance then results in other scalp issues such as increased oiliness, itching, more irritation, increased scalp desquamation (skin peeling) and subsequent flaking (dandruff). 

Resetting the Scalp Microbiome with Prebiotics and Postbiotics

Washing your hair regularly and cutting down on your use of hair styling products will help minimise product build-up on your scalp.

But there is a more effective scalp treatment method that naturally resets the scalp’s microbiome to be healthy and balanced once again.

Much like achieving optimum gut health with prebiotics and probiotics, a healthy scalp also needs postbiotics (the good, dominant microbes) and prebiotics (their food source).
Simply put, the scalp prebiotics trigger the postbiotics to release enzymes that effectively eliminate the negative microbes, thereby rebalancing the resident microbiome

Scalp Treatment using Natural Fuji Apple Stem Cells

Luckily, one of Singapore’s leading at-home scalp treatment programmes is the Power Up Your Hair Skin Health – Trichoderm Scalp Health Series, which provides total defence against scalp issues.

Trichoderm’s new, ultra-gentle and silicone-free Trichoderm Soothing Hair Scalp and Serum is free of harsh chemicals and is composed of natural Fuji Apple Stem Cells only!

This groundbreaking main ingredient of the serum helps to defend against and recover from external aggressors, resulting in a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. 

After 3 days of use, 91% of users agree with a reduction of irritated and itchy scalp. 82% of users agree with a reduction in flakes.100% well tolerated on cutaneious level among all the subjects after 28 days.

*Clinical Evalution of the Efficacy Test of Hair Products (Study Report #DA22A190), Dermscan Asia
(Subjects used shampoo and serum together in the study)
Clinical Evaluation of a Shampoo and Serum containing Prebiotics and Postbiotics
Results may vary among individuals

But what makes this serum different from the other scalp treatment products already available on the market? Great question! The Trichoderm Soothing Hair Scalp and Serum has been proven by scientists to be more effective at controlling and relieving scalp irritation as it naturally rebalances the scalp microbiota with the required prebiotics and postbiotics found in the natural Fuji apple cells, all without the use of any harsh chemical-based ingredients found in other hair products, which destroy the scalp microbiome

You can now address your dandruff and irritated scalp issues using natural methods.

Now you really can say goodbye to your dandruff and irritated scalp issues once and for all, the natural way.

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