How to Effectively Reduce Dandruff?

Picture this: you’re getting ready for a night out with friends. You’ve just finished  putting on your make-up and fixing your hair before heading out the door. As usual,  you look in the mirror for one last check to see if everything looks alright. But you  notice something awful – the dreaded white flakes sitting atop your shoulders. That  new anti-dandruff shampoo you just bought last week? Well, that was a bust.

Why Are You Getting Dandruff?

The main culprit behind your dandruff could be a fungus called Malassezia, one of the bad bacteria living on your scalp. Malassezia lives naturally on the scalp for many people, but an overgrowth or imbalance of the fungus can lead to dandruff.

An increase in Malassezia can trigger the body to produce and shed skin cells faster or  at a detrimental rate. An overgrowth of Malassezia may lead to an imbalance of the scalp’s microbiome, whereby there are more bad bacteria than good ones. This can cause an inflammatory response that could lead to a buildup of dead skin cells, creating patches on the scalp before eventually flaking off. This can happen a lot quicker during metabolic changes in your life, such as puberty or menopause or even during stressful periods. 


⚠What Are Some Warning Signs Of Dandruff?

The white flakes on your shoulders and back are visible symptoms of dandruff. However, there are also less obvious symptoms that typically seasoned experts can pick up on – dry scalp despite using a moisturizing shampoo,  oily scalp after frequent hair washes, and itchiness following a hair dye session at your favourite salon. 

A common misconception about dandruff is that only those with dry scalp who are predisposed to dandruff. However, Malassezia thrives when there is an excess of sebum on your scalp. Thus, those with oily scalp should be careful too!  

How Do You Effectively Reduce Dandruff?


A quick Google search will lead you to many (and, I mean, MANY) solutions on reducing dandruff. It can range from home remedies to over-the-counter products that  you can conveniently purchase at your nearest drug store.  

If you’ve previously suffered from dandruff, you’ve likely tried to tame it by using  anti-dandruff shampoos that kill Malassezia. You probably thought this would improve your dandruff situation, but sadly, it may not have worked as effectively. This is because Malassezia fungi  can adapt to whatever we do to try and kill them off, so they may keep reappearing.  

Unfortunately, one well-hidden industry secret is that many of these anti-dandruff shampoos  contain zinc pyrithione, which can damage your scalp’s microbiome by killing local fungi and bacteria. It is worth noting that the European Union intends to ban zinc pyrithione in 2023 due to some of its highly damaging properties. 

How Can We Fight Dandruff And Maintain A Healthy Scalp Microbiome?

The good news is that there are better ways to fight dandruff and maintain a healthy scalp microbiome. The latest development in the science of scalp health dictates that dandruff can be effectively reduced by supporting your scalp’s microbiome and keeping Malassezia under control by using products that contain prebiotics with postbiotics. These two ingredients can help your microbiome rebalance by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. They can also enhance the creation of helpful good bacteria on your scalp and aid in overpowering the bad bacteria to help control inflammation and replenish moisture on your scalp. 

Prebiotics is the food source that helps to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria on your scalp.

Postbiotics (which is a fermented probotics) is a direct source of good bacteria for your scalp.

A recent discovery in scalp health found that Fuji Apple stem cells can also be effective in reducing dandruff due to its potent antioxidants that helps to protect your hair  against damage. It controls the irritation at the roots, but also works to preserve your scalp microbiome.   

Findings from clinical tests have shown that*81% of consumers who used products with Fuji Apple stem cells have reported a significant increase in scalp moisture and hydration after 28 days of continuous use. 


Dandruff can affect millions of people around the globe, regardless of age or sex. So if  yours is growing uncontrollably and causing you to feel embarrassed by your new  flakey ‘do, don’t lose hope. We highly recommend the Trichoderm Scalp  Health Series – Your Hair Skin Health Power Up to achieve your best hair and scalp health! This product is known to contain the prebiotics and postbiotics which helps the good scalp bacteria to have a feast, and aids in reducing the bad bacteria.

Head down to any major pharmacies to check it out today!