Experiencing an itchy scalp after dyeing your hair? Here’s why.

You know the drill.

You’ve been looking for a way to freshen up your look, and you decide on changing up your hair colour.

But after a trip to the salon, or an at-home box dye treatment, you find yourself left with a persistent, nagging problem — an itchy and sensitive scalp.

If you’re dealing with this issue, don’t worry, as there are a few things you can do to to ease your itchy scalp. 

This article will explain how dyeing your hair can cause an itchy scalp, and the steps you can take to effectively reduce the itch. 

What’s causing that itch

Getting an itchy scalp after dyeing your hair can be a distressing experience for many, especially for those among us who may need to routinely dye our hair.

Heading to expensive salons to get your hair dyed may not solve the problem either — you might still find yourself picking at your scalp for days after.

One of the main causes of an itchy scalp after a hair dye is the harsh chemicals in the hair dye solution causing irritation to the microbiome on one’s scalp.

A person’s scalp, much like other parts of the skin, has a whole community of microbes (simple, tiny microorganisms) that grow on the skin.

These microbes work together to keep your scalp healthy, by acting as a barrier against foreign germs and making sure your hair follicles grow well.

So, when harsh chemicals in hair dye (especially if it’s been sitting on your scalp for a while) come into contact with your scalp, it will likely disrupt this fine balance of microbes — which can lead to itchiness and increased sensitivity.

What you can do

With this understanding of your scalp’s microbiome, a good way to relieve the itchiness is to restore the right microbe balance back into your scalp.

For one, you can avoid harsh soaps on your scalp in the few days after getting a hair dye.

However, keep in mind that washing your hair thoroughly is still crucial in getting rid of excess chemicals that may be left over from the dye.

You should also avoid products like dry shampoos or hairsprays, as these may lead to more build-up on your already sensitive scalp.

Unfortunately, most treatments for itchy scalps on the market in Singapore tend to contain other harsh ingredients that can strip more of the microbes living on your scalp, which may only worsen the itchiness down the line.

Restoring your scalp’s microbiome back to its right balance requires adding both postbiotics and prebiotics. Postbiotics are the beneficial, dominant microbes, which feed on their food source (prebiotics).

These two elements are essential as they work to eliminate the foreign microbes that are causing the itchiness, and help to restore the scalp microbiome.

Tackling an itchy scalp with healthy bacteria

Thankfully, there are some products currently on the market in Singapore that can help tackle an itchy scalp after a hair dye.

The Trichoderm Scalp Health series of products have been specially formulated to protect and restore one’s scalp microbiome by introducing both pre- and postbiotics to your scalp.

A clinical evaluation by Dermscan Asia, which provides independent testing of commercial products, on the Trichoderm Soothing Hair and Scalp Serum and the Trichoderm Soothing Shampoo, have also yielded good results

After three days of use, 91% of participants reported a reduction of an irritated and itchy scalp, and 82% also reported observing less skin flakes. Furthermore, all participants found that the products were still well-tolerated on a cutaneous level after 28 days of use.


These products also utilise stem cells from Fuji apples, which have anti-inflammatory properties, providing an added relief for itching.

*Clinical Evalution of the Efficacy Test of Hair Products (Study Report #DA22A190), Dermscan Asia
(Subjects used shampoo and serum together in the study)
Clinical Evaluation of a Shampoo and Serum containing Prebiotics and Postbiotics

You can now effectively manage itchy scalps symptoms, and say hello to fuss-free hair dyes!