Dry & Oily Scalp? Try Out Our Trichoderm Scalp Health

Singapore’s weather makes it almost impossible not to sweat. Being near the equator means that we have to resort to creative ways to fend off the heat – the most common solution being a hat (bucket hats, anyone?). However, the problem with wearing a hat in the sweltering Singapore heat is that your scalp tends to get sweaty too.  

Let’s not forget those of us striving towards a life of a #fitspo. Working out may be  beneficial for one’s physical health, but the reality is that your gorgeous locks can become the unfortunate victim.

Regardless of whether you are a fashionista or a #fitspo, we can agree that a sweaty or itchy scalp is not ideal. 

What Is The Deal With Your Itchy Scalp?

The scalp has its own microbiota, in which its microbiome is its first line of defense against many external stressors that affect our scalp health. These aggressors include UV light,  air pollution, harsh chemicals in shampoos and even hair dye. 

Scalp Microbiota 

The scalp microbiome ecosystem regulates many important functions of the scalp,  including sebum production and regeneration of hair follicles. A healthy scalp  should have a surface that is irritation-free, have a healthy community of  microbiota, and act as an effective barrier against aggressors. On the other  hand, an itchy scalp could be the a result of an imbalance of the scalp’s microbiota, when the negative microbes become more dominant than the positive ones.  

Why Are Current Scalp Health Solutions less effective in soothing your scalp?

Do you resonate with the following?

  • I am using a moisturizing shampoo, yet my scalp feels very dry. 
  • Even when I get my hair dyed professionally, my scalp tends to get itchy. 
  • My scalp still feels oily even after multiple washes in a day. 

Many current scalp health solutions out there tend to focus on controlling the irritation. Ideally, these solutions should be able to control irritation, while maintaining the scalp microbiome. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. 

There are many scalp health solutions in the market that use traditional medicinal ingredients that aim to provide a quick relief against irritation.  However, these ingredients can often be too harsh and could actually damage the scalp microbiome ecosystem. 

How To Tackle Your Itchy Scalp Issues

Essentially, resetting the scalp microbiome can help to improve scalp sensitivity issues and also aid you in attaining a healthy and balanced scalp. 

One good solution to tackling an itchy scalp to tackling an itchy scalp is to introduce postbiotics, a beneficial microbe, together with its food source, prebiotics. This helps to release enzymes that convert proteins into amino acids, and fat into fatty  acids – both of which help to reduce negative microbes. 

What if I told you that you could use prebiotics and probiotics to help your itchy scalp?  



You see – probiotics is one of the food sources that helps to stimulate the growth of healthy  bacteria on your scalp, while postbiotics (which is a fermented probotics) is a direct source of good bacteria for your scalp. 

What Can You Do To Improve Your Itchy Scalp

For better results, we suggest introducing prebiotics and postbiotics into your hair care routine. Firstly, prebiotics can aid the growth of good bacteria in your scalp and overpower the bad bacteria. It can protect fragile, vulnerable skin against dryness, greasiness and itching, while helping to bring comfort to the scalp. Studies have shown that introducing prebiotics into one’s hair-care routine can affect the development of pathogens, while also potentiating and preserving the activity of local probiotics. 

Secondly, using products that contain postbiotics may help in reducing inflammation and allergic reactions. Most importantly, they can replenish moisture in the  scalp, which in turn reduces irritations for you! 


After 3 days of use, 91% of users agree that there is a reduction of irritated and itchy scalp. 82% of users agree that there is a reduction in flakes. The subjects after 28 days. Clinical Evaluation of a Shampoo and Serum containing Prebiotics and Postbiotics 


Itchy scalp? Impending hair loss? That’s not a good look on you. There are  plenty of remedies currently in the market, but not many seem to provide quick results and optimal hair health. 

There is, however, one product in the market called Trichoderm Scalp Health that  uses cutting-edge research and technologies to help combat itchy scalp by providing  the scalp environment with good bacteria. Check out the Trichoderm Scalp Health Series’ range of hair care products.